Intensive Courses

Why do intensive driving courses work so well?

Learning to drive taking only one or two hours of tuition per week will not generally be enough practice time for most learner drivers to make real progress.

On average, students learning by hourly tuition will take up to 14 months to achieve the driving test standard. Preparing for your Driving Test

Will an intensive driving course be right for me?

For most people the answer is, 'yes'. At the end of your first day you will be tired, due to taking in so much new information, but as each day unfolds you will find that you will feel more lively and everything becomes easier. Remember that Intensive Courses are proven to be the fastest way for learner drivers of all ages when learning to drive and are now commonplace in the UK. Police drivers, the Armed Forces, LGV drivers, Bus drivers and even Driving Examiners are likely have been trained in this way.

Which intensive course should I take?

Learning with an intensive driving course means that your training will be over a few days not many months.

Everything you learn will stay fresh in your mind, encouraging a new confidence in your driving to grow, and because the driving test is taken with your course it is possible for you to learn to drive and pass the practical UK driving test in 7 days or less.

It's no wonder more learners are turning to intensive driving courses when learning to drive than ever before. Types of courses

With Learning2Drive there is a wide choice in available courses.We can assist you to decide on the course best suited to your experience and requirements. Learning2drive courses are structured for all types of students, from those who have failed driving tests to candidates who are complete beginners.

Where will I take my intensive course?

Our head office is based in Swindon, Wiltshire. Your course starting point will normally be from Swindon when taking your course in Swindon, otherwise your course can be taken at one of our two other centres: Newbury or Chippenham.

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What about the driving test?

Driving tests are an important part of your intensive course. Providing you have passed your theory test when you book your course the driving test can be arranged for the final hour.

Because it is important to be familiar with the area where the driving test is to be taken, we arrange for the driving test to be undertaken in the same area that your training was provided.

Have you passed your theory test?

Although it is possible to undertake an intensive course before passing your theory test, you cannot take the practical driving test unless you have successfully passed the driving theory test. We therefore strongly advise that pupils take and gain their theory test pass certificate as soon as possible.

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Courses & Prices

We are committed to providing you with the most cost effective way to achieve your driving test pass and gain your licence

We are able to give general advice in choosing the course most to suited to you and would be happy to talk you through things over the phone or via email. Please contact us today if you have any questions we can help you with.

Course Name Course Type Price Manual Price Automatic
Tyro Plus 45 Hours - One to One tuition
Aimed at students with no previous experience. Tyro Plus students might have never driven before and will need to be taught all their driving skills.
£1865 £1995
Tyro 40 40 Hours - One to One tuition
Tyro 40 students are close to the start of their driving career. They may have already started learning and have around 5 hours practice with a driving instructor or family member driving in a car park practicing steering, clutch control when moving away, braking and stopping. Some gear changing may also have been tried on a road with little traffic.
£1665 £1745
Novice 35 Hours - One to One tuition
The Novice student would have around 5-10 hours of previous tuition with a driving instructor. The Novice student will be practising car control, clutch steering, and moving off and stopping smoothly on hills, angle starts, the MSM routine would be known and used. Practice on entering and exiting junctions roundabouts with light traffic.
£1465 £1535
Intermediate 30 Hours - One to One tuition
The Intermediate driving course student will have around 10-15 hours of tuition with a driving instructor. Intermediate students will now have fair to good car control being able to move off at junctions with confidence. Roundabouts are now becoming easier, and driving would be in light and starting with medium traffic. The driving test manoeuvers would have been started and being practiced. Students should now have an understanding of most traffic signs and road markings and be able to identify them.
£1265 £1325
Experienced 25 Hours - One to One tuition
The experienced driving lessons course will suit students with around 20 hours previous driving tuition with a driving instructor. Experienced students will by now have driven in medium traffic and some driving in traffic situations that need good decisions. Students will have good car control manoeuvres have been practiced a few times and are becoming easier. Traffic lights road marking and signs would have been practiced and a fair understanding of their usage and how they work would be known.
£1065 £1115
Advanced 20 Hours - One to One tuition
Advanced students will have had previous tuition with a driving instructor of about 25 hours. Advanced courses will suit those students who have good car control and have been happy driving in medium traffic. Manoeuvres would have been practised to a fair standard. Traffic signs, lights and road markings will be understood on what they mean to the driver. Forward planning on who has priority with independent decision making improving
£865 £905
Failed Test 15 Hours - One to One tuition
The DVSA practical driving test can be daunting for some. For those who have failed their driving test there is the Failed Test course. The failed driving test candidate would have taken a previous driving test within the last 2 months. Learning2Drive instructors will check your driving standard and will work with you to improve your driving skills. Common mistakes that often fail test candidates can be identified and corrected.
£670 £695
Failsafe Course What does the Failsafe Course offer me if I fail my driving test?

Unlike most driving schools, we offer learners taking our Failsafe Course THREE attempts at the driving test, all within the original price of the Failsafe Course.

Students who do not pass their test first time receive a further three hours of driving tution before taking their test for the second time and an additional three hours tuition should they require a third attempt at the test.

What does 'Failsafe' really mean?

In the unlikley event that you fail to pass the driving test on your third attempt, it will be considered that we have fulfilled our obligation under the terms of the course and any further tuition and test costs must be paid for by the student.

Passing the driving test involves many things but at the end of the day it falls on you doing everything right and having luck when things turn against you.

Learning2Drive's Failsafe Courses give you the support and peace of mind to ensure you have the best possible chance of passing your driving test. We aim to do everything possible to make you the best driver that you can be so you can achieve what you are looking for; the life changing effect of passing your driving test.

£1115 - please call for more information and pricing
Refresher Course

6 Hours - One to One tuition

For many reasons, some drivers pass their test and then find they don't drive very much - or at all - for lengthy periods of time. Similarly, if you experience bad health or an extended period of living abroad, it's possible that you may not feel as confident when you get back behind the wheel in this country.

Other drivers successfully pass their tests but still feel a little unsure about some aspects of driving or feel they need to practice certain elements further.

If this applies in your case then our Refresher Courses are ideal for you. Your instructor will tailor the course according to your individual needs and can assist you with any area of concern you may have with your driving. This will help you become a more confident and safer driver and can dramatically increase your overall enjoyment of driving.

£240 £250
Pass Plus

6 Hours - One to One tuition

It's great news when you have passed your driving test, but the driving test should not be viewed as the end of your learning but only as the end of that section.

Newly qualified drivers, particularly those in the 17 to 21 age range are the most vulnerable drivers and are more likely to be involved in incidents that lead to accidents.

Pass Plus helps to round off the new driver so they are attuned to the particular skills they may not have covered when learning for their driving test. Pass Plus is a great way for newly qualified drivers to gain extra experience that will be used on today's busy roads.

Most major insurance companies support the Pass Plus course. Many offer discounts of 30% on the first insurance policy taken out by the newly qualified driver. Savings well in excess of 600 are regularly made when insuring after taking the Pass Plus course

The Pass Plus course is a one day 6 hour course and may be taken on a day to suit the student. The start times may vary and flexibility on times is offered to all students. Call us today to discuss your requirements or to book a course.

£240 £250
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Course availability

Courses are normally available four weeks ahead, although students who can offer flexibility on their start date can sometimes find an earlier start is possible, often as soon as next week.